Our team prides itself on educating our clients on the features and benefits of the tint we offer. Not only will we help you decide the Visible Light Transfer (VLT) percentage which will look the best before we tint a car, the team at Invictus Tint & Wraps will help you decide the car window tinting solution which best meets your needs.


All Invictus window tint installations feature a precision, custom, professional and certified window tint installation of either:

LLumar ATC

LLumar ATR

LLumar CTX

after-market window film on your vehicle.

When you tint a car with LLumar, you get the only film manufactured in the USA & as a LLumar authorized dealer with Llumar Certified Installers, your tinted windows come with a Nationwide, Lifetime manufacturer warranty.


Another way Invictus & LLumar stand out is the Automotive Film Viewer.

The Viewer allows you to see the tinted windows on your car before your purchase.

Letting you tint a car online allows you to see what your tinted windows will look like & takes away some of the guess work before your purchase.


Use our LLumar Automotive Film Viewer to see how tinted windows will look on your vehicle.

LLumar ATC Series (Premium Dyed Film)

The LLumar ATC series uses the latest dyed film technology to enhance any vehicles' appearance and style. The Cool Charcoal hue is a near perfect match to any factory tint. The non-metalized LLumar ATC series provides an admirable look that lasts.


  • 99% UVA Protection
  • Safety & Privacy
  • It reduces interior fading from sunlight
  • Great glare reduction
  • Radio & Cellular Signal friendly
  • Lifetime, nationwide manufacturer’s warranty
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LLumar ATR Series (High Performance Hybrid Films)

A combination of style and performance, the LLumar ATR provides superior heat and UV rejection for your passengers. With generous shade and color options, this film will provide the customization, comfort and protection for you & your car.


  • Superior heat rejection with multi-layered construction
  • UVA & UVB protection
  • Durability with superior scratch-resistant coating
  • Never Fades or Discolors
  • Lifetime, nationwide manufacturer’s warranty
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LLumar CTX Series (Nano-Ceramic Films)

The gorgeous charcoal color of the nano-ceramic LLumar CTX series offers maximum heat rejection and spectacular interior clarity. Designed to work with today's modern technology such as GPS, satellite radio, keyless entry  or cell phone, the LLumar CTX line provides style, privacy, glare and UV/IR benefits while keeping you connectedto the outside world.


  • Exceptional Interior Clarity
  • Blocks 99% UVA & UVB rays
  • Rejects up to 63% of Infrared (IR) rays
  • It allows radio signals to pass through it, making it ideal for in-glass antennae, sensors, cell phones, etc.
  • Never fades or discolors
  • Remarkable glare reduction
  • Safety & Privacy
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Tinting the windows in your building have several benefits for your employees, your customers and your bottom line. Architectural tint or “flat glass” tint as it is sometimes called is specially designed for window panes found in commercial or residential buildings. Designed to reflect more of the sun’s rays and heat than automotive window film, flat glass tint protects building interiors from the heat, glare and UV rays while allowing for the natural light desired in many buildings.

Some of the architectural film benefits include:

• Energy Savings

• Increased Comfort

• Glare Reduction

• Increased Privacy



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